Criminal Practice Philosophy

Being charged with a crime, no matter how minor, can be a very traumatic event.  A courtroom may be my second office, but it can be a very intimidating place for my clients and the process can be overwhelming.  Add the pressure of the unknown and the anxiety and fear can be paralyzing.  I understand this and I'm very sensitive to this reality.

My commitment to my clients is not just to attain the best possible result, but to guide them through the process and explain to each what is happening and what they can expect so we neutralize much of that anxiety and fear while the system takes its course.

You will have decisions to make and I will do my best to lay out the pros and cons in a way that you will understand and that will assist you in making those decisions.  Ultimately, every decision is yours, but when asked, I will give you my candid opinion.  My belief is that you're not just paying me for my expertise and effort, you're also paying me for that opinion.