Equine_Law_Logo4As an Industry professional on a local, regional and national level, Robert N. Farinacci has been an owner, breeder, competitor and respected all-breed horse show judge for more than a quarter century.


Long considered one of the foremost Equine Attorneys on the East Coast, Rob Farinacci has been representing owners, hobbyists and corporations in the Horse Industry throughout his entire career and has been a vanguard in the practice of equine law throughout the nation.


When the American Quarter Horse Association and the International Arabian Horse Association (now Arabian Horse Association) began permitting Embryo Harvesting and Embryo Transplants within their organizations and breed registries, Attorney Farinacci responded by drafting the first known comprehensive Breeding Rights Agreement in the U.S.


Whether it is to safeguard your four horses barn from liability exposure, establish employee policies and procedures for a growing business, or you are negotiating a structured horse sale or purchase for an amount reaching seven figures, Attorney Farinacci has been providing a wide comprehensive range of legal services for his Clients in Ohio and the Country.



  • Purchase (buy/sell) Agreements
  • Stallion Services Contracts
  • Breeding Rights Agreements
  • Embryo Purchase Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Surrogate/Receiver Mare Contracts